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Psychological Treatment



Petra Klein, the founder and director of the Butterfly Garden, accompanies people on their personal, professional and spiritual journey - both on Tenerife and in their home country, in the form of telephone counseling for those who cannot  meet her in person.
Petra Klein’s holistic approach facilitates the solution of very complex internal and external structures and themes. Many people who have been supported in their process, often over a prolonged period of time, have not yet experienced how to implement  changes into their daily life.

Petra Klein: "I view counseling or the therapy process as a puzzle, so I support people in discovering the missing pieces in the puzzle itself, and then putting them together until it produces a complete picture that makes sense. This awakens our intuitive potential, our innate source of responses to the issues we struggle with. Our intuition and our mind begin an internal dialogue and start working hand in hand instead of in opposition to each other.  Often, for many people, the discovery of really feeling this integration in a vibrant body, comes as a big surprise and also as the greatest gift.

We are then able to lead a happy and independent life - free from old conditioning and restricting beliefs. Life begins to feel harmonious, graced with deep satisfaction and quiet power. This is true inner and outer freedom. Only then will our faith come from inner certainty. Even if we only have few role models who have achieved this mastery, we will know: it is possible!
So, we can start on our way - because it is never too late."

Petra Klein works with people of all ages - from work with children, the early mother-child relationship, supporting young people and adults, to working with people who are looking back at the stages of their lives and prepare to end their lives well. In addition, recent developments such as the "Indigo and Crystal Children" and "the new generation of children" in general are the focus of her work. 

Petra Klein applies her knowledge to the respective individual situation and context of a person's life. Her work is both preventive and applicable to areas such as the treatment of psychosomatic disorders. Her holistic approach is applied not only to working with individuals, but also to work with systems such as families and partners.

In addition, more and more managers, in their individual coaching with Petra Klein have gained knowledge and greater understanding in the area of leadership and are able to pass their knowledge on to their team. They can gain great advantage from the insights of body-oriented psychology. The goal is an integrated management in order to prevent stress and psychosomatic disorders and to increase efficiency and job satisfaction.

If you are inwardly open and willing to work individually, Petra Klein’s work is very effective and fast. Five sessions are sufficient to "loosen the knot" and bring about direct changes in everyday life – and often just one session is sufficient as a catalist in order to bring about change.


Individual work with Petra Klein includes:

Dance / movement therapy
Psychological counseling

Holistic Coaching
Burn-Out Prevention

Dream Analysis
Life issues analysis
Spiritual Awakening
Family Constellations and Healing
Single, couple and family counseling
Intuition, creativity and communication skills