Garden of Life®

Since April 2003 we have extended our Butterfly Garden "Jardín Mariposa" with an extraordinary 4000 m² garden on an area of powerful earth energy, providing the basis for deep healing processes.

This liberating and spacious area opens our senses and our hearts in a completely natural way and radiates a special depth and inspiration. Experience how it feels to be at one with our inner nature and our resources, free from restricting conditioning!

This "Jardín de la Vida®" - "Garden of life®" created by Petra Klein in harmony with nature and the special power of this place, shows us through the topics of its different stations a completely personal way to our internal mastery. 

Why not offer your soul a deserved treat?

Do you want to ...

  • recharge your batteries and feel your body, mind and soul in semenax volume enhancer perfect harmony?
  • fill yourself with powerful energy to be able to cope with a clear and calm mind with your day to day life?
  • dive into a journey towards the essence of your being and discover the Why of your existence?
  • find answers to your deepest questions?


Petra Klein, creator and founder of the "Jardín de la Vida®" will guide you with her voice through the 20 theme oriented stations that form this extraordinary garden. You will get to know the "10 Universal Laws", the result of over 30 years experience and research by Petra Klein in the fields of psychology and spirituality.

On your path through the "Garden of Life®" you will make your own personal encounters and guided experiences. 

This is a garden which is unique in the world!  Allow yourself a deeply touching experience overlooking the ocean!